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New course in 2020

Release time: 2020-02-12


On the morning of February 10, 2020, all Acepack staff back to work, opened the door for the national defense the Corona Virus Disease 2019 .

With the prevention and control of the COVID-9 at this stage, all Acepack employees try our best to cooperate with company and government well. We came to the company for temperature detection before 7:15 am, then everyone received a medical mask.
Later, all employees from different departments have successively done rectification work such as cleaning and disinfection of the working environment, so as to prevent and control the COVID-9 during the initial stage of resumption.

All Acepack staff will continue to work tirelessly in their respective positions, to achieve a better self in the daily work.
At the same time, the core values of Acepack are running through, planning and advancing all tasks in 2020, and jointly promoting the cause to start a new journey at a new starting point.