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  • Horizontal packing machine paints a color for life


    Shanghai oushuo horizontal packaging machine, applied to a number of industries, for your life service, let you in the packaging products work, more easy oh!

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  • Shaped bag packaging machine to promote the development of the market


    It can have customized punching module with a speed of 80-100 bags/minute, which is suitable for small measurement packaging of various materials. It is an economical solution to realize the packaging requirements of small size stand-up bags. It is widely used in fruit and vegetable drinks, bird's nest direct drinks, functional drinks, raw pulp, lactic ac...

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  • Buy powder packaging machine to know these three points


    Powder packaging machine is a popular product in the packaging machinery industry. Today we will say a good powder packaging machine we should how to buy it? This must also be the question. Choose powder packaging machine choose Shanghai Acepack packing machine company, your powder products are packaged by us, please rest assured!!...

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  • Particle packing machine selected Shanghai Acepack packing machine company


    Where is the production of particle packaging machine, the price is about what the price and so on, like the internal structure of the machine and the control system, there will be a difference and the difference is still very big. These will affect the price of the machine, the use of different types of parts then the price of the machine will naturally a...

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  • How should we use the bag packing machine?


    The bag packing machine brings us great convenience in our life, and has made great contribution to the large and small enterprises. The bag packing machine of Shanghai Acepack packing machine company Intelligent Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. can be used for packaging a variety of materials....

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  • What type of packaging is the powder packing machine used for?


    A large number of application in the medicine powder, granule, salt, monosodium glutamate, spices, packaging types such as coffee powder, powder packaging machine of choose and buy, as long as you noticed above I provided some important small knowledge, you can avoid buying powder packaging machine go less detours, also able to be quickly selected to fit t...

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  • Packaging fruit and vegetable drinks with Shanghai Acepack packing machine company special-shaped bag packaging machine


    Special-shaped bag packing machine is mainly used for packing fruit and vegetable drinks, bird's nest direct drinks, functional drinks, raw pulp, lactic acid bacteria, collagen liquid and other materials. Shanghai Acepack packing machine company intelligent packaging technology co., LTD special-shaped bag packaging machine is a good choice for you, the...

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  • Four points of granule packaging machine


    Shanghai Acepack packing machine company Intelligent Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. particle packaging machine not only improves production efficiency, but also improves packaging effect. The effect is good, and there are more repeat customers. Welcome new and old customers to consult!...

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  • A fully automatic packaging machine is indispensable for a delicate life


    Whether it is in the packaging of life or products, we will pursue exquisiteness. Only good packaging can arouse everyone's love. Just like people, good-looking appearances are often more for themselves. In our lives, automatic packaging machines are also It is becoming more and more important, and it is loved and recognized by people....

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  • Stand-up pouch packaging machine brings exquisite packaging to products


    There is a need for self-supporting pouch packaging machine, welcome to consult Shanghai Acepack packing machine company Intelligent Packaging Technology Co., Ltd., for a variety of packaging products, our company has been operating for more than ten years, from traditional packaging to intelligent manufacturing, and always uphold the values ​​of i...

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