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Application scope of doypack bag packing machine

Release time: 2020-03-19

What can doypack bag packing machine do?            
The self-made bag type of horizontal doypack bag packaging machine needs to automatically complete the process of roll forming or film forming. For doypack bag packaging machine, we have a variety of models DS-180, DS-240, SG-360, etc., and provide doypack bag film rolling machine, doypack bag film rolling machine with spout, doypack bag film rolling machine with zipper, etc            
1. Ordinary doypack  bag:
The general form of doypack bag adopts the form of four edge sealing, which can not be re -closed and re-opened. This kind of doypack bag is generally used in the industrial supplies.

2. doypack bag with suction nozzle:            
The doypack bag with suction nozzle is more convenient to pour or absorb contents, and can be re-closed and re-opened.

3. doypack bag with zipper:            
The doypack bag with zipper can be re-closed and re-opened. Because the zipper form is not closed and the sealing strength is limited, this form is not suitable for sealing liquid and volatile substances.  

4. doypack bag with shape:            
The utility model combines the convenience of a doypack bag with a spout with the cheapness of an ordinary doypack bag. That is to say, the function of spout is realized through the shape of bag body. However, the doypack bag with spout like shape can not be sealed and opened repeatedly, so it is generally used in the packaging of disposable liquid, colloid and semi-solid products such as beverage and jelly.  

5. special shape doypack bag:            
That is to say, according to the needs of packaging, a new type of doypack bag with various shapes is produced by changing on the basis of the traditional bag type.  

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