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Twin-sachet Pouch Packing Machine

      The Twin- Link Pouch Packing Machine has a simple mechanical design and is an economical solution to realize small bags packaging.

Product parameters

Model: S-110T       

Maximum Filling Capacity:60ML     


Pouch Size: 

110mm*120mm(Max.); 50mm*50mm(Min)

Packing Speed: 40-80ppm;  

Air Consumption:100NL/min

Working Power Supply: AC 380V 50Hz, 2.5KW

Machine Dimensions and Weight: 

2200*750*1400mm; 700KG

Model: S-180T       

Maximum Filling Capacity:100ML     


Pouch Size: 

90mm*180mm(Max.); 50mm*180mm(Min)

Packing Speed: 100-160ppm;  

Air Consumption:200NL/min

Working Power Supply: AC 380V 50Hz, 4.5KW

Machine Dimensions and Weight: 

3500*970*1500mm; 1160KG

Process flow diagram

(1) Film Unwind(5)Bottom Seal
(9)Tear Notch
(13)Filling I
(2) Pouch Forming
(6)Vertical Seal 
(14)Filling II

(3) Film Guide(7)Vertical Cooling
(11)Pouch Pulling

(15)Heat Sealing

(4) Photocell(8)Virtual Knife Device
(12)Pouch Opening
(16)Finished Product

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