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How to avoid the "counterattack" phenomenon of powder packaging machine?
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Say "No" to "counterattack" phenomenon of powder packaging machine

In the process of powder packaging, everyone may have encountered the situation of powder "counterattack". So, is there a way to perfectly solve this problem? Today we will talk about the horizontal powder packaging machine produced by Shanghai Acepack.

Acepack horizontal powder packaging machine adopts the filling method of making bags first and then discharging materials. The discharging port can directly penetrate into the bottom of the packaging bags to discharge materials, so as to avoid dust rising. The powder packaging machine is equipped with a back suction device, which can absorb a small amount of powder absorbed by the bag mouth. In addition, the horizontal powder packaging machine adopts horizontal sealing to strengthen the sealing performance, which ensures the sealing performance to the greatest extent, thus effectively solving the problem of dust "counterattack" and extending the shelf life of the product.

Shanghai Acepack Intelligent Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the production and R & D of horizontal packaging machines for 17 years. The professional R & D team promises you no worries about after sales. Welcome to learn more about horizontal powder packaging machines!

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