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Liquid packaging machine-For your design!
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Come to know liquid packing machine from Shanghai Acepack!

Liquid packaging machine is a hot sale packaging machine of Shanghai Acepack Intelligent Technology Co., LTD. It has helped us a lot in our life. Acepack liquid packaging machine is a basic series designed for shaped pouches packaging. It is widely used in the packaging types of soft drinks, functional drinks, puree, lactic acid bacteria, collagen liquid and so on. Designed for small sachet packaging, it has beautiful packaging effect and flexible equipment. The digital specification switching of liquid packaging machine is simple and convenient, and the pouch pulling is more stable with less deviation. 

The liquid packaging machine can not only ensure the beauty of products, but also seal and package products well to avoid material deterioration and loss. The degree of automation has reached a certain level, and there is a touch screen, so the operation is very simple. You deserve to have such a liquid packaging machine, and Acepack is your choice. Acepack keeps making breakthroughs, innovations and progress, and has been absorbing advanced experience at home and abroad, so as to bring you better machinery and equipment.

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