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Leaders of Fengxian District Party committee's visit to Acepack, Shanghai
来源/作者: Shanghai Acepack Intelligent Technology Co., LTD | 发布时间: 2022-07-09 | 1284次浏览 | 分享到:
Epidemic prevention, jointly guarding Shanghai!

On July 6, accompanied by Comrade Wang Jiandong, member of the Committee of Fengxian District Party committee / deputy head of Fengxian District, relevant leaders in charge of the district government office, the District Economic Commission, the District Emergency Bureau, the district fire rescue detachment, and the District Emergency Office, as well as Jiang Guoqiang, Deputy Secretary of Zhelin town Party committee / head of Zhelin Town, Jiang Jun, deputy head of Zhelin Town, Ping Hui, director of the Management Committee of Xinshen Development Zone, and other leaders, went to Shanghai Acepack Intelligent Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. to carry out a major visit to "epidemic prevention, economic stability, and safety" Large scale research, in-depth understanding of the resumption of work and production of enterprises and epidemic prevention and control, and exchanged with Comrade Liu Xiaohui, Executive Committee of the District Federation of industry and Commerce / general manager of Ou Acepack, on the high-quality development of enterprises.

Accompanied by Acepack’s general manager Liu, deputy district head Wang visited the enterprise exhibition hall on the spot, listened to the introduction of the production and operation of the enterprise and its participation in epidemic prevention and control, and gave reasonable suggestions.

Deputy district head Wang first fully affirmed that President Liu actively led the employees of the enterprise to jointly abide by the "Shanghai" during the epidemic period. He pointed out that enterprises should always tighten the two strings of safety production and epidemic prevention and control, always be worried, draw inferences from one instance and rectify in time. We should strengthen the management of our employees and improve their awareness of safe production and epidemic prevention and control. We should do a solid job in various prevention and control measures and plans, provide a reassuring working environment for employees, and steadily promote the process of resumption of work and production.

Deputy district head Wang stressed that we should pay close attention to the "four responsibilities", and all functional departments should improve the quality and efficiency of supervision with higher standards and levels. We should clearly understand the signs of enterprise safety production and epidemic prevention and control, ensure that enterprise supervision is in place, all kinds of problems are rectified in place, and build a solid bottom line of safety and epidemic prevention.